Using Penny Stock Newsletters For Profitable Trading


Many people are interested in investing in the stock market but are always scared about the risks involved. Little or no knowledge about the stock market stops them from taking the decision. If you are one among them, then now is the right time to take the decision and invest in penny stocks and reap the benefits. Penny stocks are stocks with a share value of less than $5. So it is an ideal investment that you can make in the market. These are the shares of small companies or business organizations which do not have more exposure or penetration in the market. The major difference in stocks with more capital and stocks with less capital is the fluctuation in the share value.

Micro-Cap Stocks

So if you have the money to make the investment, micro cap stocks is the right place to start with. Also, in micro cap stocks, it doesn’t take a lot of money to make a investment. You must be wondering where to start and how to go about making this investment in the stock market. To set the dice rolling, I recommend that you first subscribe to a penny stock newsletter and get timely penny stock alerts, and are better aware of how these small companies are performing. Then you must decide the number of shares you wish to purchase to enter the market and to trade. The micro cap newsletter lets you know about the best and the most profit making stocks in the market so that you can make a sound decision. You will get free penny stock alerts on daily basis it might be more helpful than going it alone.

pennies Remember, before investing in penny stocks, or any stocks for that matter, investors are urged to research, research and then research again. Track stocks that you are considering investing in. You can usually trade stocks on your own or open an account with a stock broker. Trading with a broker can be a little bit more costly than say trading with an online account. There are many online trading brokerage accounts available to try. But then you wonder how do I find which stocks to research? Well, there is one way that is helpful and that’s by subscribing to the best penny stock newsletter! It’s easy. They’re online and you get research market analysis so that you can help to minimize your research time.

Penny Stock Advisory Services

You must subscribe to penny stock newsletters and daily updates which are provided free by the online website. These letters and updates are written by people only focused in penny stocks. Sign up for the free newsletter. And don’t forget to always check your email inbox. Keep a watchful eye on your email. So that you are always up to date with their emails and aware of most market updates. This will enable you to help make a better intelligent investment decisions and reap the benefits of trading. And maybe also be a little entertained with their witty humor. Subscribe to the best penny stock newsletter and gain trading strategies to get maximum potential profits.

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Motif Investing Overview

When you mention the name motif investing, you must have ideas for making investment. For those who are planning on doing investments, they have to do the online investment service. Here, the company leads in creating many portfolios with some creating as many as 30 motifs. The created motifs give specific ideas to be used for investments. With as little as $9.95, investors are in position to buy whole portfolios.

Many people have good ideas when it comes to stock. However, they end buying the wrong stock. With the motif investing, investors buy stocks in groups that perform depending on the ideas chosen like clean technology. For one to start their online ideas, the first thing involves opening an account with a brokerage firm. Include the profile and get to know all customers. Make sure to put money in your account. To get started, browse on the catalogs available and be involved in the community to know how things work.

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Investing features

There are a number of motif investing features that you can use to implement ideas. First, making investment is done socially. Anyone who plans to use this investing method is made to participate in a social network. At the social network, you can share opinions on any motif or investment ideas. With the social platform, you can invite people over facebook to make investments. However, there is a privacy limit for those who can see the commentary and activities going on.

Another feature to get here is the different number of account options to choose from. This includes retirement accounts and other normal accounts used in brokerage firms. With this investment option, you can even fund your IRA.


The good thing about motif investing is that you can share. The platform is in the process of making improvements so that one can share their motifs with other investment groups. With the sharing option, you can choose to buy and interact with other types of motifs which are available. This allows one to evaluate and give their opinions on what is being shared. This feature gives many benefits to the investors to enjoy.

For this program sharing you motif, investors can earn from what they share. When another investor buys or shares their motif, they get paid. In addition, there are royalty programs paid. This is a good incentive that allows one to participate in the social site.

The best thing about this type of investing is the price option. You can buy 30 stocks at below $10 which is the best option. There are also other price options to choose which is beneficial to investors.

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Penny Stock Prophet

Penny Stock Prophet is a product designed by James Connelly.

Due to the sensation it has created in the internet the product name has become nickname of Connelly. By the name it suggests the an article written by Jeffrey Scott reveals about the success Connelly i.e. the Penny Stock Prophet. According to him Connelly wanted something different and challenging. Hence he decided to trading stocks. Connelly was very clear about the similar patterns of winning stocks.

The Strategy of 4 Key Variables

Penny Stock Prophet is designed on a strategy of 4 key variables which were found to be secret behind the success. These 4 key variables are useful to find a breakthrough stock. But Connelly never revealed this strategy to the public. He was offered millions of dollars to reveal the strategy, but he wanted that the benefits of Penny Stock Prophet should be available to everyone.

Psychological Support Level(PSL)
Every stock has Psychological Support Level. Identifying that level will guarantee success to the trader. PSL is a key catalyst to find the breakout stocks. It is useful to filter the under-valued stocks, which are about give a breakout. This is a known concept in the trading community. It is nothing but the panic behavior of humans is the major cause for a stock to trade below its real value.

Identifying the Winning Stock
The key factor behind the success of Penny Stock Prophet is identifying the winning stock among the stocks that are under-valued. PSL was the key factor in finding out the stocks that are about move or breakout from their range.

Micro-Cap Sector(Penny Stock Sector)
Penny Stock Prophet has wonderful results in the Micro-Cap(Penny Stock) Sector. To be surprised the gains are much bigger than the gains of Large_Cap Sector. If the investment is not managed properly i.e. while identifying and investing the stocks there will huge risk for trader while trading the Penny Stocks. The Trader could even lose his entire Capital if he trades or picks a wrong stock. Penny Stock Prophet helps the traders to identify those stocks that are going to give big breakouts in a short span of time. Hence Penny Stock Prophet is highly recommended to mitigate the risk of losing the Capital and maximize the gains in trading. Recession During the Recession period Large-Cap stocks had a difficulty to move and they were correcting significantly from their highs. It has drawn more liquidity in to penny stocks. If the liquidity improves then there will be bigger gains to the Penny Stocks traders. Hence Penny Stock Prophet can guarantee you success even though the economic conditions are tough. The success of Penny Stock Prophet is visible during the recession of 2008 when Dow plummeted to levels of 7450, which was the lowest point.



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Money Back Guarantee 

Penny Stock Prophet maximizes the gains of traders while trading the penny stocks. The gains are much more bigger than the trading gains of Large Cap Stocks. Penny Stock Prophet gives a 100% Money back Guarantee of 8 weeks. But the reality of trading is that there could be some losing trades. But what we need to understand is that the number of winning trades have to be more in number. Penny Stock Prophet is a wonderful product for those traders who are capable, stable, and who can take calculated risk.